Invest in growers making a verified impact.

Gain a reliable supply of trusted, traceable, carbon offsets, increase stores of carbon for the long-term, and help meet your ESG goals.

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How it works for ecosystem investors...

Ecosystem service investments

Protecting carbon now grows assets for the future.

We remove complexity from carbon offsetting by only issuing credits for additional carbon stored in soil. You incentivise Growers to practice climate-smart agriculture; providing you with access to a trusted and transparent supply of offsets.

Ecosystem service tokens

Meet your ESG goals by vesting your trusted carbon offset tokens.

Fully managed on the blockchain, tokens are transparent, reliable and are only ever generated from additionality.

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468.21 hectares are already growing with us.

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Our methodology

Let’s Eat Our Way Out of Climate Change

Following “Code Red for Humanity” from the latest IPCC report, we wanted to share and release our vision of creating systematic change on how our food system works, turning it from a source of global warming to a tool that can reverse it.

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We are looking to transform how we grow: as food producers, as a society and as people.