We are Bx

We are reversing climate change by transforming food production.

We must start removing CO₂ at scale today to prevent the most disastrous effects of climate change, including famine and conflict. Starting with perennial horticulture, we are building a two-sided marketplace which connects the growers who can store carbon in the soil, with corporates who need to offset their carbon emissions.
Our values

We are an ambitious climate tech company, fusing technology with nature to transform how we grow...

As food producers

Making data led decisions and seeking incremental improvements to produce better fruit in a more sustainable way.

As a society

Doing the right thing for the planet, thinking about the bigger picture and being aware of our contribution.

As people

We grow for change! We are part of what's on the horizon. We own our mistakes and learn hard.

The facts

468.21 hectares growing with us

Our goal is to reduce the world’s net emissions by 500,000,000t CO2 every year — that's 1% of the global target.

145,884 tonnes of soil carbon protected

Carbon in the soil is carbon not in the atmosphere.

18,316 tonnes of carbon neutral food produced

Feeding the world sustainably.


We cultivate curiosity.

We are looking for talented individuals to join our quest to reverse climate change.

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