We help farmers switch to climate friendly practices, measure the climate-impact of produce, and put that information on food.

Transforming food production, reversing climate change

We help farmers switch to climate friendly practices, measure the climate-impact of produce, and put that information on food.

What is Planet+

Planet+ is a way to help reverse climate change. We help farmers to adopt better practices helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.

BX & regenerative agriculture

BX software technology and experienced team support growers who are removing emissions from food production. As the network of connected growers expands on the platform, knowledge accelerates and is shared to everyone, increasing emission removal and carbon into the soil. The efforts and environmental improvements can be easily shared to end consumers, helping them to understand how food can restore the planet.

A brand to trust

Seeing the Planet+ logo on produce means that you can be assured that those farmers have started on their journey to farm in a more climate friendly way.

Allowing producers to grow with the planet, not against

Conventional ways of farming can be detrimental to the environment, but adopting the practices that sit behind our Planet+ plans means that produce will be farmed in ways that are climate positive instead of climate negative.

Supporting our growers

We work closely with growers. Our expert team collaborates with our farmers to create bespoke Planet+ plans which reward continuous improvement and helps move each farm towards net zero and Planet Positivity.


We ensure that growers are financially rewarded for the extra time and investment that they put into fighting climate change.

Ongoing support

We work with growers to create a continuous improvement plan that is specific for their land and ensures that they have the appropriate support in place to transition to Planet+ practices.

Building communities

We help our growers to build communities with other growers and end consumers by sharing information about the Planet+ work they carry out. And enable sharing of information amongst growers so they can learn from each other.

Frequently asked questions

Planet+ verified produce means that the farm it is grown on has started their journey to being better for the environment. Farmers who are signed up to Planet+ will be supported by our team to continuously improve their practices, so you can be confident that the farms you’re buying from will continue to lower emissions and help the environment long term, and you can follow their journeys.
Our farmers are committed to farming in more climate friendly ways. They care about the environment, the health of their soil, and want to use their fields to help remove carbon from the air, and store it in the soil. By purchasing food that has the Planet+ logo means that you’re making a choice to support farmers who are doing good. Changing practices takes time and money though, so the more you buy from these farmers, the quicker they can reinvest into their farms, to make them even more climate friendly.
The practices we’re asking farmers to adopt mean that fields become healthier. When fields are healthier, they take carbon from the air and store it in the ground. Over time, the farms that are adopting Planet+ practices will start to shift the balance, by taking more carbon out of the air than they put into it. So your choice to eat Planet+ food will mean you’re helping fight climate change.