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Optimise your growing operation and be rewarded for giving back to your soils by growing carbon.

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How it works for Growers...

Step one

We help you digitise your growing operation.

Our business insights help you manage your costs and labour spend, improve your yield, and enrich your soils.

Step Two

Corporates pay you upfront to protect additional carbon.

Once your baseline carbon is measured, we digitise your ecosystem, and put the data on a blockchain. This asset is bought by corporates incentivising you to enact climate-smart practices to store more carbon in your soil.

Step three

Generate a perennial yield from both your crop, and your carbon.

We support you in getting the most out of your land, whilst enabling you to sell the additional carbon stored in your soils each year.

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468.21 hectares are already growing with us.

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Helping corporates cultivate their ESG goals.

By investing in growers, Corporates can secure trusted carbon offsets; fully traceable, additional, carbon that is stored – long-term – in the Earth’s soils.

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James Smith, Loddington Farm

"With their innovative approach to regenerative farming and a team skilled in all things tech, Bx are the ideal partners to help a progressive farming business effect real change.”

Cultivate the future with us.

We are looking to transform how we grow: as food producers, as a society and as people.